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Mitsubishi Motors UK
North Road Mitsubishi
L200 Series 6

The L200 Series 6

Engineered beyond tough

Simply the best pick-up on the market

Drive your own way incredible features across the board

Incredible Off road 4WD ability

Intelligent 4WD Ability

Super Select 4WD gives the L200 complete control in any environment. Use 2WD on tarmac to save fuel, and switch to 4WD to tackle harsh conditions and tough terrain.

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L200: Class leading fuel economy

Impressive Fuel Economy

Capable of over 650 miles on a single tank of fuel, the L200 Series 6 take you farther than ever before with a brand new MIVEC diesel engine that doesn't sacrifice power or efficieny.

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L200 Series 6 turning circle

Incredible Manoeuvrability

With a turning radius of just 5.9 metres, improved steering ratio and a brand new MIVEC engine, the L200 Series 6 is the most dynamic driving pick-up truck on the market.

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L200: best in class total load capacity

OutstandingTotal Load Capacity

The L200 Series 6 has a total load capacity of 4,090kg and is equipped with Trailer Stability Assist making towing safer than ever.

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All terrain driving with the Super Select 4WD system

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Equipped for any environment

Discover the class leading Super-Select 4WD system, which makes the L200 the only pick-up that can drive in 2WD or 4WD on any terrain. Available on the Trojan, Warrior and Barbarian.





2H (2WD High range)

Smooth, economical performance for motorway and city driving.

4H (4WD High range)

Mitsubishi Super Select allows you to seamlessly switch between drive modes on any surface – even tarmac. In fact it is the only pick-up that can drive in 2WD or 4WD on any terrain, providing more stability when towing or added traction in wet slippery conditions.

4HLc (4WD High range with CD locked)

Centre differential locked power is evenly distributed between front and rear wheels, improves traction and manoeuvrability on snow, sand or dirt roads.

4LLc (4WD Low range with CD locked)

Lowered gear ratio provides greater torque for extreme off-road conditions: Climbing and descending steep inclines and powering through deep snow, mud and sand.

178 BHP Diesel Engine

The power to tackle any type of terrain is at your fingertips with the L200’s Diesel Engine. Packing plenty of torque and the sublimely capable Super-Select 4WD system, the L200 offers tremendous performance on and off the road. Available on Titan, Warrior and Barbarian.


If the L200 detects unstable movement, such as lateral slippage, the Stability Control automatically stabilises the car. If wheel slip is detected, the Traction Control automatically adjusts engine output to enable a smoother start. Available on all L200 models.

Max Total Load Capacity 4,090 kg

The L200 is a rugged workhorse designed to tackle any job you care to throw at it, whether it’s a fully-loaded trailer for work, or your perfect weekend getaway the L200 has you covered with its max. towing capacity of 3,100 kg. Available on 4Life, Titan, Warrior and Barbarian.

Class-leading turning circle

When it comes to manoeuvrability the L200 has the competition beat. With the tightest turning circle of any similarly-sized pick-up truck the L200 can corner and turn in the road like no other.

Super Select 4WD

Mitsubishi's unique Super-Select 4 wheel drive system. You can be confident in the wet, the dry and everything in between with the L200. See "All-Terrain Driving" for more details. Available on Titan, Warrior and Barbarian.

Best in class

Total Load Capacity


The L200 has the best total load capacity (load bed + trailer) of any pick-up truck in the segment.

How does the competition compare?

  • Isuzu 4,046 kg
  • Nissan 4,002 kg
  • Ford 3,898 kg
  • VW 3,822 kg
  • Toyota 3,685 kg

For all pick-up trucks the total load capacity will be reduced when taking into account a tow bar and additional equipment.

Built for Power and Economy

L200 Fuel Pump

Save £££'s at the pump

With fuel economy of 37.2 MPG, the L200 Series 6 can save you hundreds per year.

L200 Warrior Green off-road

Powerful Performance

Unrivalled aerodynamics give the L200 Series 6 outstanding acceleration.

L200 Bridge

Range of over 650 miles

The L200 is capable of over 650 miles on a single tank of fuel.

L200 Forest

The Clean Pick-Up

L200 Series 6 is equipped with AdBlue to help reduce N0x emissions and lessen air pollution.

Drive your way with advanced safety features

The new L200 includes an incredibly comprehensive range of safety features.

L200 safety features: Seven airbags

Seven airbags

L200 safety features: Emergency Stop Signal

Emergency stop signal

L200 safety features: Hill start assist

Hill start assist

L200 safety features: Trailer stability assist

Trailer stability assist

L200 safety features: Adjustable speed limiter

Adjustable speed limiter

L200 safety features: Lane departure warning

Lane departure warning

L200 safety features: Bi-Xenon headlights

Bi-Xenon headlights

L200 safety features: LED daytime running lights

LED daytime running lights

L200 Warrior